I come from Jaipur, known as the pink city of India, where I was born in 1975. My friends describe me as a hardworking, humble and helpful person.


"My father worked with silver jewelry bullion and owned a testing lab. Although I finished my post-graduation schooling, I've been very much attracted to silver jewelry and the dazzle of colorful gemstones since childhood itself. I used to assist my father in his business and also looked after his lab. A lot of silver artisans came over for testing and I was amazed by the designs and beauty of their work. My attraction was so strong that I decided to learn to design and craft jewelry myself.


"I started visiting several silver artisans known to my father, and learned the art of crafting jewelry. I used to sit for several hours and watch the artisans who created the intricate silver designs. It requires passion to learn, dedication to work and hope to succeed. I love to create new designs. I myself learned everything by observation and experiments. And currently I have sufficient and good knowledge about this art.


"Slowly, with the support of my father and family, I started my own workshop in 2010, where I have a team of five people who assist me. We offer work to twenty other part-time helpers who are with us from their homes and villages. We provide them with materials and designs, and they craft jewelry for us. My brother and my friend also work with me, and are a constant support to me.


"The best thing about our jewelry is that all is handcrafted, and every design is made with the best finishing and with beautiful gemstones. Most importantly, we do not compromise on quality, finishing, polishing or setting. The most challenging part is design selection. We put different ideas into one design. After that we create it as a sample. But whether that sample will work out or not is the main challenge.


"I find inspiration in the feedback of my clients. When they tell me they are satisfied with my work, I get motivated and inspired. I like the idea that I can work in a field that is my passion. Many people don't get the opportunity to convert their passion into a profession. Now, with the experience gained since 2005, I would love to teach others. Currently my friend is learning from me about gemstones.


"My art gives employment to my team workers and my local community, and education for their children, along with a stable life.


"From 2019, each year we are Participating in JJS - Jaipur's Gem and Jewelry Fair, which was a great success. I hope to deliver more designs and discover new creations to please you. My dream is to expand and share my work on a larger scale."


Ajay Patil

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